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Eximbank deploys Eximbank branded SMS Banking messages

In order to improve the quality of SMS Banking services, from May 4, 2012 Eximbank deployed Eximbank brand messages. Accordingly, SMS Banking service messages sent to customers from Eximbank will use the name "Eximbank" instead of the current numbers. Specifically includes:

• Message notifying changes in demand account balance and arising transactions of international cards.

• Loan reminder notification messages; Announce new products and services of Eximbank.

• Password message (OTP) for Internet Banking transactions.

• Return messages from operations querying transaction points and ATM locations; transaction listing; Deposit interest rates, foreign exchange rates, gold.

Note: In case customers text to query or perform VnTopup deposit transactions, customers still compose the message according to the syntax and send the prefix 6089, 8149, 8199 or 8049 as prescribed.

Eximbank sincerely thanks you for using Eximbank's services in the past and continuing to support Eximbank in the future.

For further information, please contact Customer Support Center Call Center (08)39151515 or 1900545474

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