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Eximbank coordinated with Dcom to support Vietnamese people in Japan affected by the Covid-19 epidemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a comprehensive and profound impact on the economy and society in all countries around the world and is continuing to develop complicatedly. Particularly in Japan, the effects of the pandemic on the economy are not small, leading to a "bleak" job market similar to the US and other major economies. According to experts, if we include the 4.2 million people who still have labor contracts with the company but are not actually able to work and receive full wages, the unemployment rate in Japan will reach 11. 5%. This is an extremely difficult time for workers in Japan in general and Vietnamese workers in this country in particular.
Although Japan has declared "lifting the state of emergency" across the country, according to experts, the pandemic is still evolving unpredictably, so recently, Eximbank coordinated with Company D to .Communications, Inc (DCOM) supports 200 million VND to provide a number of necessities that are currently scarce and expensive such as: Rice, masks, and antibacterial hand sanitizer with the goal of helping nearly 3,300 people. Vietnam is facing difficulties in Japan.

"Program to support people affected by Covid-19" was held for the second time from May 15 to May 25, within just 2 hours since the Organizing Committee opened the reception gate, the program has received great attention from customers with 82,782 contacts, of which 12,186 employees interacted and wanted support. In addition, the program is also strongly shared on forums for the Vietnamese community in Japan, creating a source of positive and humane energy, spreading to all parts of Japan - where workers live. Vietnamese people are in need of help.

The first program was carried out from May 8 to May 11 with more than 4,852 registrations from DCOM customers, however, difficulties for Vietnamese people in Japan are still very large as well as difficulties. There are still many situations that need to be shared, so DCOM decided to continue implementing the second program with the cooperation of Eximbank,

Representatives of DCOM company met and visited Vietnamese shipbuilding trainees in Japan.

Mr. Hoang Quang Thai - CEO of DCOM expressed his appreciation for Eximbank's companionship in this second program: "DCOM sincerely thanks Eximbank for joining hands with us in this charity program. The funding source will be used effectively in parallel with available funds to implement the program to support customers affected by the second Covid-19 epidemic. Once again, on behalf of all DCOM employees, I Thank you for your bank's companionship in this charity program and wish for a sustainable cooperative relationship between the two units."

As Eximbank's only reputable remittance partner in the Japanese market for the past 6 years, DCOM and Eximbank provide all customers with remittance payment services within just a few minutes. "We understand the difficulties of people as well as the health sector in recent times. With this charity program, Eximbank hopes that Vietnamese workers in foreign countries will be more confident and warm-hearted when having joint support from the homeland. We wish the doctors and nurses in Japan as well as the world in general and Vietnam in particular good health and confidence to help us defeat the epidemic!" – Mr. Dao Hong Chau - Deputy General Director of Eximbank said.

In Vietnam, during the period of joining hands with the whole country to prevent and fight Covid-19, Eximbank also launched many community-oriented programs, accordingly, the bank donated 500 million VND to support the Hospital for Tropical Diseases. Central Government and 500 million for the Ho Chi Minh City Center for Disease Control. This amount of money is taken from Eximbank's Trade Union fund with the support of thousands of employees, to join the whole country in supporting front-line units in epidemic prevention and control.
At the same time, this bank deducted part of their salary to join hands with employees to give thousands of gifts to poor households and workers who lost their jobs due to the epidemic.

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