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Eximbank coordinated with Dcom to support Vietnamese people in Japan affected by the Covid-19 epidemic

Towards the 73rd anniversary of the nation's War Invalids and Martyrs Day (July 27, 1947 - July 27, 2020), on June 23, Eximbank visited and gave gifts to policy families, who contributed to the Revolution in Gia Loc district, Hai Duong province.

In recent years, the work of "Repaying gratitude" has always been one of the key activities implemented by Eximbank with many practical programs showing gratitude to the older generation. In particular, Eximbank wishes to contribute a little heart to support the material and spiritual life of people who have contributed to the country, at the same time review the heroic history of the nation, and educate patriotic traditions for the younger generation. The 73rd anniversary of War Invalids and Martyrs' Day is held in July every year.

Eximbank staff presented gifts to policy families who contributed to the Revolution.

From early morning, Eximbank employees came to offer incense to commemorate the fallen heroes at the Martyrs' Cemetery Memorial in Gia Loc district, Hai Duong province. This is the resting place of more than 3,000 martyrs - children of Vietnam who fell for the independence and freedom of the nation. Also on the same morning, bank staff went to each house of heroic Vietnamese Mothers and families of martyrs, wounded and sick soldiers, and families with meritorious services to the Revolution to visit and give gifts. "We were told by Mothers, Uncles, and Brothers - those who contributed to the revolution - the heroic years of fighting against the enemy so that we, the next generation, can better understand the great sacrifice of the next generation. first for the cause of national unification, peace, and freedom like today." – An employee expressed gratitude to those who have contributed.

Even though the war has passed, up to now, the children who have accompanied the country through the years of falling bombs and stray bullets still have to suffer every day from the pain and suffering from the traces left by the war. Happiness is never complete because the pain of losing a child and being separated from her husband is still there, because of the sleepless nights because the wound recurs when the weather turns bad. That great sacrifice reminds each Eximbank employee of the need to take more practical actions to ease the pain, compensate the wounded and sick soldiers as well as pay tribute to the heroic martyrs and their relatives. .

Eximbank staff visited Heroic Mother Vietnam - 103-year-old Nguyen Thi Hon in Cong Hoa village, Gia Luong commune, Gia Loc district, Hai Duong province.

"This is a practical work to express gratitude and alleviate some of the pain for families of war invalids and martyrs, families with meritorious services to the Revolution. Furthermore, when directly visiting mothers, wounded and sick soldiers, we understand that joining hands with society to take care of people with meritorious service is not only a responsibility but also comes from the sentiment "When drinking water, remember the source". In the coming time, our bank will continue to deploy more programs to gradually improve the quality of life and take better care of policy families and people with meritorious services while encouraging the spirit of sharing among each Eximbank employee towards the community" - Eximbank representative shared.

Besides business activities, community-oriented and community-based activities have become one of the cultural features that have been strongly maintained and promoted at Eximbank throughout the years.

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