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Eximbank cooperates with Ho Chi Minh City National University to open a high-quality Master's course

On September 19, 2011, the John von Neumann Center of Excellence (JVN) conducted the Opening Ceremony of high-quality interdisciplinary Master's classes. This is a training cooperation program between Ho Chi Minh City National University (HCMC National University) and Vietnam Export-Import Bank (EXIMBANK).

Since the 2011-2012 school year, 20 students in two graduate programs - Quantitative Computational Finance and Information & Communications Technology - of JVN under Ho Chi Minh City National University will be trained with funding from EXIMBANK, and was recruited to work at EXIMBANK after graduation.

This is the main content of the EXIMBANK-JVN training cooperation program that Ho Chi Minh City National University and EXIMBANK signed on June 10, 2011. According to this agreement, JVN will be in charge of enrollment and training, and EXIMBANK will consider granting tuition fees to students among those admitted annually to the two above-mentioned graduate programs. Full tuition for each student is 18,000 USD for each training program with a total duration of 2 years. The minimum working time for EXIMBANK after graduation is 5 years depending on the contract signed with each student.

This is the first time Ho Chi Minh City National University and EXIMBANK have signed a cooperation agreement on postgraduate training. Prof.Dr. Duong Nguyen Vu, Director of JVN, said this program is an organic and sustainable cooperation for high-quality training in universities and providing highly qualified human resources for businesses. EXIMBANK leaders also affirmed EXIMBANK's commitment to the policy of attracting and rewarding qualified people trained according to international standards to work and develop at Eximbank.

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