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Eximbank continues to join hands to support people during the Covid-19 epidemic

Continuing the program "Joining hands to support farmers during the Corona epidemic", on February 25, Eximbank continued to organize the distribution of 1.5 tons of watermelon to 300 patients at K hospital - facility 3. No. 30 Cau Buu, Tan Trieu Ward, Thanh Tri District, Hanoi.
This activity aims to contribute to rescuing farmers' agricultural products that cannot be consumed due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and sharing fresh agricultural products with patients at K hospital.

Eximbank distributed free watermelon to 300 patients at K hospital.

Ms. T.T.P, a patient being treated at K hospital, happily said when receiving a melon from a bank representative: "In recent days through the media, I have also learned that the epidemic situation is very dangerous, and that affecting people's agricultural products. This action of the business has helped many people somewhat financially. And the bank ladies are so cute, handing out melons while asking about their health. Many patients. Everyone is happy and considerate, making us feel happy. Thank you to the bank for having meaningful programs like this."

Right from the start of handing out melons, there were many happy patients lining up. Everyone was happy to receive free fresh watermelons from Eximbank.

Activities to support farmers as well as encourage and visit doctors and patients at K hospital during the Covid-19 prevention period have brought memorable emotions to the group. Through the program, Eximbank wishes to convey a good message to each Eximbank employee. A hand holding a hand in difficult times not only carries the thought of sharing but also the spirit of solidarity and spreading love in the community.

Previously, on February 20, 2020, Eximbank supported by buying 1 ton of watermelon and distributing it for free to doctors and patients at K Hospital - facility 2 Tuu Liet Street, Tam Hiep Ward, District 1. Thanh Tri, Hanoi.

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