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Eximbank brings love to the orphans of Dieu Phap Pagoda

On June 2, 2018, Eximbank organized a visit and gave gifts to orphans and disadvantaged children at Dieu Phap Pagoda (Dong Nai) on the occasion of International Children's Day June 1.

With the message "Connecting arms - Full of love", Eximbank visited and gave gifts to orphans and disadvantaged children at Dieu Phap Pagoda, Trang Bom district, Dong Nai province. This is a temple that has "never closed for 30 years" and is currently nurturing and taking care of hundreds of homeless orphans or children in difficult circumstances in the province.

Eximbank representative shared: "The children are well-educated and very obedient. When we see the children's smiles, we know that, in addition to material care, the love and care of the community will help. Children forget their own complexes to grow up to be useful people for society. Through the program, Eximbank wishes to share some of the hardships that these children are struggling with, and encourage them to continue. help them overcome difficulties in life."
All children raised here have the same wish that when they grow up, they will return to help in some way for the next class of children. The children consider Dieu Phap Pagoda as their home and the nuns as their mothers. During summer vacations, most of the brothers and sisters who are studying at universities come back to help the temple work and grow vegetables on the land behind the temple to earn extra money to buy milk and medicine for the newly abandoned children there. temple gate.

Eximbank representatives and Eximbank employees gave gifts and organized fun activities with the children here.

Recently, on the occasion of the 43rd anniversary of the Liberation of the South and unification of the country, Eximbank also coordinated with the People's Committee of Vinh Kim commune and Kim Son commune (Chau Thanh district, Tien Giang province) to visit and exchange information. Giving gifts to 12 heroic Vietnamese mothers here.
Besides business activities, community-oriented and community-based activities have become one of the cultural features that have been strongly maintained and promoted at Eximbank throughout the years. Through the program, Eximbank wishes to contribute part of its responsibility to society, while encouraging the spirit of sharing in each Eximbank employee.

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