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Eximbank appoints the General Director and Permanent Deputy General Director

At the request of Mr. Le Minh Quoc, Chairman of the Board of Directors ("Board of Directors") of Eximbank term VI (2015 - 2020), the members of the Board of Directors at the Board of Directors meeting on March 15, 2016 appointed Mr. Le Van Decided to be General Director of Eximbank and submitted to the State Bank for approval before the official appointment decision. During this meeting, the Board of Directors also appointed Mr. Tran Tan Loc as Permanent Deputy General Director, effective after the official appointment of the new General Director.
Mr. Le Van Quyet has a master's degree in Business Administration and has 33 years of experience in the banking sector. Mr. Le Van Quyet is considered a person with high professional ability, professional ethics and practical experience in operating a bank. After being appointed, Mr. Le Van Quyet expressed his commitment to lead the collective of more than 6,000 Eximbank employees nationwide, with determination and discipline to build Eximbank into a clean, efficient, and professional bank. and modern.

Mr. Ngo Thanh Tung, member of the Board of Directors and chief lawyer of Eximbank commented: "The election and appointment of key positions of Eximbank have been conducted expeditiously and in accordance with the provisions of law. I hope the decision to appoint The appointment of Mr. Le Van Quyet to the position of General Director will soon be approved by the State Bank. The Board of Directors evaluates that Mr. Le Van Quyet has vision, practicality, executive capacity and determination to reform." Mr. Tung added: "Every year, the Board of Directors will objectively evaluate the operating results of the General Director and key officials of Eximbank to strengthen the responsibility of each individual."
Mr. Le Minh Quoc, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Eximbank said: "With the determination of the Board of Directors, the trust of shareholders and the support for reform of the State Bank, we believe that Eximbank is having a hopeful start to Meet the expectations of shareholders and customers and make a positive contribution to the Vietnamese economy. The appointment of Mr. Le Van Quyet, with 33 years of experience in the banking industry, has experienced many tasks. management at Vietcombank, has enough reputation and appropriate capacity for executive management, I hope Mr. Le Van Quyet will lead the Executive Board to effectively implement the resolutions of the Board of Directors to soon bring concrete business results. possible for Eximbank." Mr. Le Minh Quoc, on behalf of the Board of Directors, also praised and thanked Mr. Tran Tan Loc, former acting General Director of Eximbank, who had 22 years of dedication at Eximbank for his dedication in operating Eximbank during the recent transition period. via. The Chairman congratulated Mr. Tran Tan Loc on being appointed by the Board of Directors to the position of Permanent Deputy General Director. The Board of Directors hopes that Mr. Tran Tan Loc will cooperate closely with Mr. Le Van Quyet, continue to stick with and support the Board of Management in the coming time to bring success to Eximbank.

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