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Eximbank announced interest rate adjustments to help businesses overcome difficulties

Eximbank's move to adjust interest rates responds to the State Bank's policy of reducing operating interest rates to remove difficulties in production and business activities and ensure social security in the "normal" period. new".

Accordingly, Eximbank has adjusted to reduce deposit interest rates in accordance with the direction of the State Bank, specifically, interest rates for all terms decreased from 0.2% - 1%/year for individual customers and decreased by 0. 2% - 1.2%/year for corporate customers. This serious compliance move of the bank shows strong support for the SBV's efforts in regulating the economy, especially in the current "new normal" period.

At the same time, when deposit interest rates decrease, there will be more room to reduce lending interest rates, contributing to sharing difficulties with customers in restoring production and business activities affected by the Covid-19 epidemic in accordance with the law. policy of the State Bank.

At the same time, by trying to reduce input costs, the bank continues to offer low credit packages to support business customers affected by the epidemic. Specifically, 02 credit packages for large enterprises: 3,000 billion VND with interest rate from 5.2%/year applied until the end of 2020 with disbursed sales of over 2,000 billion VND; Package of 1,500 billion VND with interest rate from 5.2%/year applied until September 30, 2020, with disbursed revenue reaching 1,320 billion VND.

Next, the credit package for small and medium enterprises (SMEs): VND 5,000 billion with interest rates from 6.79% -8.7%/year has been implemented until September 30, 2020 with the total outstanding debt already reaching over 4,900 billion, and most recently, the 1,500 billion VND package has just been deployed in early July 2020 for Upper SMEs customers until September 30, 2020. Currently, the total outstanding debt of this package reaches over 310 billion VND.

Interest rates for all terms decreased from 0.2% - 1%/year for individual customers and decreased from 0.2% - 1.2%/year for corporate customers.

Eximbank has also deployed a preferential credit package to serve import and export financing of 50 million USD with very competitive interest rates for terms from 1-6 months to September 30, 2020, disbursed sales up to Now it is 33.5 million USD, outstanding debt is nearly 20 million USD. The bank is still urgently continuing to deploy to support customers in restoring their business.

Like most businesses operating today, Mr. Nguyen Ho Hoang Vu - Deputy General Director of Eximbank said that the bank was also unexpectedly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic so it adjusted its business plan. business, which sharply cut the bank's operating costs by VND 326 billion (down more than 11% compared to the original plan for 2020). However, the bank has determined that supporting people and businesses to overcome this difficult period as well as joining hands with the Government to repel the epidemic and restore the economy in the current period is urgent.

"In addition to interest rate support, transaction fee exemption, and quick disbursement for customers, the bank also actively supports customers in debt restructuring, debt rescheduling or considering maintaining the same debt group for affected customers. affected by the epidemic in accordance with the State Bank's policy," Mr. Vu shared.

On July 2, Eximbank signed loan interest rate agreements with companies affected by Covid-19 at the bank-business connection conference. The activity is within the framework of an event to support the company's recovery and development of production and business organized by the State Bank of Ho Chi Minh City branch in coordination with the Department of Industry and Trade of Ho Chi Minh City. As of June 30, 2020, the bank is processing proposals from 1,083 customers with a total outstanding debt equivalent to VND 7,401 billion for support in extending and adjusting debt repayment schedules.

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