Eximbank and Vietnam Airlines signed a credit contract for the Boeing 787 aircraft purchase project

Hanoi April 22, 2013 - Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) and Vietnam Airlines Corporation (Vietnam Airlines) signed a credit contract for the B787 aircraft purchase project.

The Boeing 787 aircraft investment project is the second credit contract established between Vietnam Airlines and Eximbank, opening up opportunities for comprehensive and extensive cooperation between businesses.

Currently, Eximbank is one of the banks with the largest equity capital in the Joint Stock Commercial Bank sector in Vietnam. Eximbank is being evaluated as one of the financial institutions with strong growth in both breadth and depth in providing reputable and quality products and services to serve the business community. Many types of credit, payment, and mobilization products with many added utilities, high technology application content, diverse and flexible product and service forms of Eximbank have met increasingly demanding needs. customer slots. Eximbank is gradually asserting itself as one of the largest joint stock commercial banks in Vietnam.

According to a representative of Vietnam Airlines Corporation: "This is the second project Vietnam Airlines and Eximbank have cooperated with. It is known that in 2012 Eximbank and Vietnam Airlines signed a credit contract with a total value of 100 million USD to buy the first 4 A321 aircraft delivered in 2012. Next, in 2013 will be the aircraft investment project. B787 flight at this event is part of Vietnam Airlines' plan to buy new and upgrade its modern aircraft fleet. This new investment will help Vietnam Airlines always proactively, stably operate, maintain service quality and expand its flight network, thereby ensuring sustainability for production and business activities."

Vietnam Airlines is one of the airlines with a young and modern fleet in the region and the world. The airline is operating over 80 routes to 20 domestic destinations and 26 international destinations with more than 300 flights per day. In recent years, the airline has signed many new purchase contracts to upgrade its current fleet of aircraft, meeting the goal of developing and expanding the domestic and international flight network. Vietnam Airlines is expected to expand its fleet. up to 115 aircraft in 2015 and 170 aircraft in 2020, most of which are Boeing 777, Airbus A330, A321/320s/A350XWB, Boeing 787-9 with advanced technology, fuel economy and environmental friendliness. .

Vietnam Airlines said that this $100 million loan will be used as a deposit for the project to purchase 8 new Boeing 787 aircraft. It is expected that the first Boeing 787 will be delivered in the second quarter of 2015. The remaining amount will be imported in the following years.

Also according to Vietnam Airlines, from now until 2020, the airline will buy and lease a total of 19 Boeing 787s to replace the Airbus A330 aircraft currently operating on international flights.

At the end of 2012, Eximbank also agreed to lend a credit worth 100 million USD for the project to buy 4 A321 aircraft from Vietnam Airlines.

The Boeing 787 is the world's first large passenger aircraft, known as the "dream of flying", to take full advantage of lithium-ion battery technology. This is advanced technology, fuel efficient and environmentally friendly.