Eximbank's announcement


Eximbank adjusts VND demand deposit account management fees for individual customers from August 1, 2014

From August 1, 2014, Eximbank adjusted the management fee for VND personal demand deposit accounts as follows:

Applicable subjects: VND demand deposit accounts of individual customers.
Fee: 11,000 VND/month/account (VAT included), effective from August 1, 2014.
In case the customer has multiple VND demand payment accounts, account management fees will be collected for all accounts that meet the fee collection conditions.
Fee collection time: 10th of every month, starting the first fee collection period from September 10, 2014.
Fee collection conditions: collected when the account's average monthly deposit balance is less than 100,000 VND.
(Average monthly balance = Total balance at the end of each day in the month/number of days in the month)

For more detailed advice, please contact Eximbank Customer Support Center. Phone 1900 54 54 74.

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