Eximbank adjusted gold custody service fees from January 21, 2013

Over the past many years of operation, understanding the trust of customers, Eximbank has deployed GOLD KEEPING SERVICE for individual customers. With the safe and convenient GOLD KEEPING SERVICE, Eximbank gives customers peace of mind, trust and satisfaction when deciding to entrust their assets.

Customers can deposit gold on behalf of them at all Eximbank transaction points, and withdraw gold on their behalf at Eximbank's transaction points.

Eximbank respectfully informs customers that from January 21, 2013, Eximbank changes service fees for customers who deposit gold. As follows:

Customers who open a new gold account to keep on behalf of or continue to keep gold on their behalf when the gold account matures from January 21, 2013, Eximbank collects the customer's gold custody fee for all months of depositing gold on behalf of Eximbank. , with fees:

Retention period

Gold custody fee (tael/month)



12,000 VND/tael

Charge each time
Minimum 50,000 VND

1 month, 2 month

10.000 VND/tael

From 3 month to 12 month

  8.000 VND/tael

Gold is kept as collateral
loan at Eximbank

 1.000 VND/tael

No specified

(This custody fee does not include VAT, and is subject to change from time to time)

Customers can pay the custody fee automatically by withdrawing money from the VND demand account opened at Eximbank, or go directly to Eximbank to pay the custody fee.

For more detailed information, please contact Eximbank transaction points directly or Customer Support Center 1900545474.