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Eximbank adds new feature on Internet Banking - Deposit more money into term deposit account



In order to meet the needs of individual customers to deposit more money into opened accounts quickly and conveniently, since June 20, 2015, Eximbank has made efforts to improve banking services, deploying Added new features on Internet Banking: Deposit additional money into the opened term deposit account.
With this new feature, customers can transfer money on Internet Banking from their payment deposit accounts to opened term deposit accounts. Customers who do not need to go to Eximbank's transaction points can still deposit more money into their opened deposit account quickly with a few steps on Internet Banking.
To make a transaction, customers access Eximbank's Internet Banking, and select Products and services, Deposit more money to account..., to add money to the accounts:

Term deposit: Deposit additional money on the same day as the opening date, or due date
Accumulated deposit in installments: Top up any day the customer needs, with the additional deposit amount  ≥  the amount registered for monthly deposit
Salary accumulation deposit: Deposit additional money any day the customer needs, with the additional deposit amount meeting the following conditions:

Registered monthly deposit amount ≤ additional deposit amount ≤ 5 times registered monthly deposit amount

Customers should use Eximbank's Internet Banking service, and make Online Savings deposits to experience outstanding benefits and incentives:

Online deposit interest rate: 0.1%/year higher than over-the-counter deposit
Deposit money to participate in the "Big Promotion, Big Win" program online until July 31, 2015, and be granted a prize code with the opportunity to win SH cars, refrigerators, cameras, etc.
Be able to deposit additional money into an already opened Online Savings account, without having to settle the old account to reopen.
Receive partial withdrawals of Online Savings deposits, without needing to close the account, with the interest rate remaining the same for the remaining deposit.
Register to automatically transfer interest from term deposits to payment deposits
And many other utilities….

For more detailed information, please contact the Customer Support Center Call Center 18001199, or transaction point nearest.

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