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With the desire to improve service quality, increase convenience and safety for customers, from June 30, 2023, Eximbank officially uses electronic PIN codes (ePIN) to replace the form of deposit. Paper PIN code for all types of cards issued by Eximbank.

1. What is an electronic PIN (ePIN)?

ePIN (Electronic Personal Identification Number) - electronic PIN code: is an individual's security code consisting of 04 numeric characters issued by Eximbank to the Cardholder via SMS phone messages / or via electronic banking channels (EDigi). ). This PIN will be used to perform card transactions that require entering a PIN.

2. Applicable card types:

ePIN applies to all types of cards issued by Eximbank including Credit Cards and Debit Cards.

3. Instructions for using services via electronic banking channel (EDigi):

Service manual file.

4. Syntax of SMS messages using ePIN issuance service from the system:

Customers send and receive SMS messages via number 8149.

5. Notes on ePIN:

The phone number to receive ePIN notification messages is the phone number you registered with Eximbank when requesting card issuance.

The maximum number of incorrect PIN entries at ATM/POS is 03 times. When entering incorrectly more than the specified number of times, Eximbank will temporarily lock the card. Please go to the nearest Eximbank transaction point or contact Hotline 18001199 for guidance and support.

To experience the convenience - speed - security of Eximbank card services, please quickly issue an Eximbank card today!


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