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Easily pay recurring bills with Eximbank International card

Nhằm gia tăng tiện ích cho Chủ thẻ quốc tế Eximbank, từ ngày 20/07/2015, Eximbank triển khai chính thức dịch vụ thanh toán hóa đơn định kỳ bằng thẻ Quốc tế trên Internet Banking.

In order to increase convenience for Eximbank international cardholders, from July 20, 2015, Eximbank officially launched the periodic bill payment service with international cards on Internet Banking.

  • 1. Object

Eximbank international cardholders (excluding international prepaid cards) and registered for Eximbank's Internet Banking service

  • 2. Invoice payment

Electricity, water, cable TV, ADSL, postpaid mobile subscription, landline/Home phone.

  • 3. Benefits
  •  Bill debt is cleared immediately.
  • Free payment.
Step 1:  Log in to Internet Banking, select the recurring bill payment function.
Step  2: Select register.
Step 3:  Select payment method by International Card and card number.
Step 4:   Select the bill/service type, region and service provider.
Step 5:  Enter the customer code/invoice code, enter the payment limit (if any) and service usage time limit (if any).
Step 6:   Enter the OTP/KPI password to confirm the transaction.
Step 7:   Eximbank system checks transaction information.
Step 8:  Notify transaction results..

For any questions about the service, please contact:

Phone: 1800 1199.


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