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Deposits with preferential interest rates

In the context of deposit and savings interest rates tending to continuously decrease, in order to increase benefits for customers who need to deposit long-term VND capital, with high and stable interest rates, Eximbank launches new products " Preferential interest rate deposits".

Customers who choose to deposit the product "Preferential interest rate deposit" will enjoy a HIGHER interest rate than regular savings.

- Deposit term: 12 months, 13 months, 15 months, 18 months, 24 months, 36 months.

- Form of receiving interest: Interest at the end of the period, monthly interest.

- Fixed interest rate throughout the deposit term.


  • Minimum deposit amount:
    • Individual customers: minimum 10 million VND
    • Business customers: minimum 50 million.
    • Customers are not allowed to withdraw before maturity. When there is a need for capital before maturity, customers can pledge their account and savings card "Preferential interest rate deposit" to borrow at
  • Eximbank with preferential interest rates:
    For customers sending the form to receive interest at the end of the period:

Mortgage interest rate  =

 Interest rates on deposit contracts and savings cards
"Preferential interest rate deposits" receive interest at the end of the term

+ 1,0%/year

For customers submitting monthly interest payment form:

Mortgage interest rate  =

Interest rates on deposit contracts and savings cards
"Preferential interest rate deposits" receive monthly interest

+ 1,6%/year

Product specifications details..


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Customer Support Center:

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From 7h30 to 19h30 
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