Eximbank's announcement


Customers can flexibly choose the date their credit card statement is issued

Vietnam Export-Import Bank (Eximbank) sincerely thanks you for your interest and support of Eximbank card services over the past time.

In order to bring you more conveniences and conveniences in checking monthly spending, Eximbank provides utilities to help you flexibly choose the date for your Eximbank credit card statement.

Accordingly, you can proactively choose the statement date that suits the conditions and time to pay the outstanding balance. Only applicable to personal credit card holders, not applicable to corporate credit card holders (Eximbank-Visa Businees card). Service is provided free of charge to all Eximbank credit card holders

For more information, please contact Eximbank's transaction locations nationwide or the 24/7 Customer Service Department: Phone: (08) 3821 0046 - 3821 0051, Email: .VN.

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