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Contactless payment – ​​Visa payWave

In order to provide the best and most modern services and experiences for customers, from September 28, 2018, Eximbank officially launched the contactless payment facility with Visa international cards.
The contactless payment feature gives card acceptance points as well as Eximbank Visa cardholders all the benefits of speed and convenience.
-    Fast:
+ When customers tap to pay with a contactless Visa card, the payment will be processed immediately within seconds.
+ In particular, for transactions valued at 1,000,000 VND or less, Customers do not need to sign the invoice, helping to simplify operations and shorten payment time.
-    Easy: Customers simply tap their contactless Visa card on a card reader that supports contactless payment at the point of sale to make payment.
-    Security: Each transaction will be initialized with a security code, used once and capable of keeping your payment information confidential.
-    Reduces the risk of fraud because the customer still manages the card in hand throughout the payment process.

Customers register to issue Eximbank Visa international cards with contactless payment symbols at Eximbank transaction points nationwide or via website:

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