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Combo Payment account – Many outstanding utilities with account service package and e-banking

In order to meet the needs of customers for quick transactions anytime, anywhere, and to help customers enjoy the outstanding convenience of Eximbank's e-banking services and ATM cards, Eximbank launches a new product "Finance Combo payment" for individual customers, is a payment account package combined with electronic banking services and ATM cards with lower fees than using individual services.

Product specifications details
Thus, currently Eximbank has deployed 15 savings deposit products for individual customers, diversifying choices for customers:
  •  Demand deposit: E-Favor payment deposit:
  • Payment deposit product package and free E-Banking for customers with an average balance in their payment account of 20 million VND/month or more
  • Payment account combo: Payment account package combines electronic banking and ATM card with lower fees than using individual services.
  • Term savings deposit: Diverse deposit terms from 1 month to 60 months, diverse forms of interest payment
  • Save 50+: Exclusively for customers 50 years and older, offers bonus interest rates or insurance
  • Optional term savings: Deposit money and proactively choose the maturity date
  • Overnight savings: Flexible deposit term 1 day
  • Deposit Call 48 hours: Flexible delivery term of 2 days
  • Eximbank VIP savings: Exclusively for VIP customers of Eximbank
  • Preferential interest rates and transaction feesTruong Phat Loc savings: Long-term deposits 24 months, 36 months High deposit interest rates, preferential loan interest rates
  • Online Savings: Deposits on the Internet, Mobile Banking
  • Phuc Bao An savings: Savings with life insurance
  • Savings for your children: Parents' savings are reserved for their children
  • Salary accumulation savings: Savings for employees receiving salaries
  • Deposit savings: Make your dreams come true from a small amount of savings

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