Choose a debt appraisal organization

Debt Management and Asset Exploitation Company Limited - Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank ("Eximbank AMC") announces the selection of a valuation organization to conduct debt valuation with selection criteria. choose as follows:

1.    Description of debt:

- Customer: MDF Hoa Binh Company Limited.

- Main business lines: manufacturing and importing pressed fiberboard, manufacturing and trading of laminated boards, manufacturing and importing all kinds of wood products.

- All outstanding debts receivable from MDF Hoa Binh Co., Ltd. at Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank Long Bien Branch.

- Collateral: All architectural works attached to land, machinery and equipment systems, and means of transport belonging to the medium density fiberboard (MDF) factory project at plot No. 01, Map sheet number 00, Lac Thinh commune, Yen Thuy district, Hoa Binh province.

2.     Purpose of valuation: Determine the value of the debt to have a basis for consideration and settlement.

3.     Criteria for selecting a valuation organization:

- Is a price appraisal enterprise qualified to practice price appraisal according to the Notice of the Ministry of Finance;

- Is a reputable appraisal enterprise for appraisal quality; has extensive experience in the field of determining asset value and business value;

- A team of qualified and experienced appraisers who meet Eximbank's requirements on valuation requirements and progress, and have reasonable appraisal fees with valuation requirements based on consideration of Document offering price appraisal fee;

- Have necessary facilities and equipment to ensure the valuation of assets that need to be appraised;

- Service fees and appraisal deadlines are most appropriate and competitive;

4.     Deadline and address for submitting applications.

- Time limit: 10 working days from the date of public announcement on the official website of Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank).

- The contact person must bring a letter of introduction, identity card and capacity profile of the business.

- Note: Eximbank AMC will notify the selected valuation enterprise in writing of the results. Units that are not notified of the results are considered not selected. Eximbank AMC will not return documents to those who are not notified of the results. Unit is not selected.

- Application submission location: Debt Handling and Asset Management Team in the North - Eximbank AMC, address: 02nd floor, Harec Building, 4A Lang Ha, Thanh Cong Ward, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi City .

- For any problems, please contact Mr. Kieu Duy Thien (phone number: 0983.119.443).

Eximbank AMC notifies price appraisal organizations to register to participate in the above asset price appraisal according to legal regulations.