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Bank of New York Mellon awarded the Outstanding International Payment Quality Award to Eximbank

On October 14, 2019, Bank of New York Mellon (BNYM) of the US awarded the Outstanding International Payment Quality - STP Award to Eximbank with the electricity ratio meeting STP (Straight Through Processing) standards of over 98 %.
The STP Awards are awarded based on Bank of New York Mellon's globally consistent application standards based on the quantity of payment electricity and the quality of payment electricity that is processed automatically throughout. This award is the recognition of a long-standing and reputable foreign financial institution for the quality of Eximbank's automatic payment messages, and at the same time affirms the quality of technology, quality of automatic payment implementation as well as the professional excellence of Eximbank's staff in the past year.

Mr. Nguyen Huong Minh (3rd, left) - Deputy General Director of Eximbank and
Mr. Tran Loc (4th, left) - Deputy General Director of Eximbank represented to receive this award
from Mr. Arnon Goldstein - Regional Director, Asia Pacific, Treasury Services, Bank of New York Melon.

"We are pleased to announce that Eximbank has achieved an electricity rate meeting STP standards of over 98% for payments sent through BNYM in 2018. The bank has continuously achieved this achievement over the past many years, with the STP rate This high level proves Eximbank's professional excellence as well as the accuracy of quality and reputation. BNYM is proud to be a partner of Eximbank since 1995, we hope the bank will always maintain the position of an excellent bank in international payment services in the coming time" - Mr. Arnon Goldstein shared.
With a wide network of correspondent banks around the world and presence in vibrant international financial markets, Eximbank is always proud to be able to provide the best and fastest support for all domestic and foreign payment transactions. customers at the lowest cost.
With the tradition of being a joint stock commercial bank with strengths in foreign currency trading activities in Vietnam, especially foreign currency trading activities in the domestic and international interbank market, recently, Eximbank was also honored to received the Refinitiv VND Matching Award awarded by Refinitiv (Reuters) to the Bank with the largest USD VND trading volume in Vietnam on the Reuters Matching trading system.

On September 13, 2019, international credit rating agency Standard & Poor's announced Eximbank's long-term partner credit rating of B+ with a "stable" outlook. Assigning long-term partner credit rating B+, short-term B and "Stable" outlook to Eximbank, Standard & Poor's (S&P) recognized Eximbank's restructuring efforts, reflected in its credit growth rate. Selectively and make efforts to resolve bad debts, especially recovering bad debts sold to VAMC. Eximbank has improved its profit margin in recent years, but there is still a lot of room to improve the cost-to-income ratio of the entire bank. S&P expects Eximbank to continue to effectively implement restructuring initiatives and plans, reorienting the bank's operations according to existing strengths in trade finance, foreign exchange business, international payments, as well as deploying risk management measures combined with tighter cost control for sustainable profit growth.Specifically, Eximbank is transforming strongly with a series of major transformation initiatives to restructure the distribution channel network and centralize operations to improve operational efficiency and labor productivity of the distribution channel. coordinate. All initiatives are being implemented throughout and synchronously throughout 2019. In addition, the bank's transformation strategy is agreed and supported by shareholders - many experts from strategic partner SMBC and other employees. The bank's senior leadership directly participates in project implementation.

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