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Announcement regarding expansion of VNEDU tuition service at Eximbank

Dear Customer,

First of all, Vietnam Import-Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) would like to send respectful greetings and good health wishes to customers and sincerely thank you for using your payment account and payment services. Eximbank's application recently.

In order to continuously increase convenience for customers when using services at Eximbank, since November 10, 2022, Eximbank has expanded the tuition collection service with VNPT-Media Corporation (VNEDU). , increasing the number of units providing tuition collection services at Eximbank to 6 units.

Type of service

Name of supplier

Deployment channel

Collect tuition fees


Cao đẳng FPT Polytechnic

Đại học Văn Lang

Công ty Cổ phần Công nghệ Thanh toán Thành phố Thông Minh (MycityPay)

Ngôi Nhà Xanh (SSC)

Tổng Công ty truyền thông VNPT-Media (VNEDU)

Internet Banking

Eximbank EDigi

Tại quầy




Detailed list of 222 units providing bill collection services at Eximbank

Besides, when using the bill collection service on Eximbank EDigi, you will have the opportunity to experience a variety of other utilities - services such as: ordering flowers, booking taxis, booking movie tickets,... with many options. Payment type: payment account, card (credit card, domestic debit card, international debit card).

Quickly open an account now to experience many service utilities and attractive incentives with Eximbank.

Best regards,

Vietnam Import Export Commercial Joint Stock Bank

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