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Announcement on the reorganization of the Head Office

Eximbank is reforming the Head Office to streamline the management apparatus and improve the efficiency of the decision-making process. This reorganization is part of the Bank's medium and long-term strategic initiatives under the "New Eximbank" project.

1. Reorganizing the Head Office Eximbank reorganized the current 9 Blocks and Centers/Departments at the Head Office into the following 7 Blocks:

Corporate Customer Division

Retail Banking Division

Currency Business Division

Risk Management Division

IT and Operations Division

Support Block

Strategic Planning Block

2. New Executive Board structure

The new Executive Board includes the following 7 members:

Mr. Le Van Quyet (Member of the Board of Directors and General Director)

Mr. Tran Tan Loc (Deputy General Director)

Mr. Dao Hong Chau (Deputy General Director)

Ms. Dinh Thi Thu Thao (Deputy General Director)

Ms. Van Thai Bao Nhi (Deputy General Director)

Mr. Nguyen Ho Hoang Vu (Deputy General Director)

Mr. Vo Quang Hien (Deputy General Director)

To support the Executive Board, the Bank has added an important new position as Senior Director. Senior Directors are responsible for implementing the Bank's business strategy, including:

Mr. Bui Van Dao

Mr. Nguyen Van Hao

Mr. Le Anh Tu

Mr. Masashi Mochizuki

Mr. Yutaka Moriwaki

3. Background and Objectives

Since the beginning of 2017, Eximbank has been implementing a Restructuring and Strategy Plan titled "New Eximbank". After restructuring the organization of councils and committees under the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors approved this breakthrough at the highest level in the Bank to fulfill Eximbank's mission to "create value for money". value for all stakeholders including customers, shareholders, employees and communities through continuous growth in business operations."

Through this reform, each member of the Executive Board / Division will have clearer tasks and functions and will be responsible for completing the task of supporting the Bank's branch network. Head Office can quickly take action. to respond to customer needs and the ever-changing business environment.

Eximbank is committed to continuing to promote the "New Eximbank" Project to better serve customers.

About Eximbank

Name: Ngân hàng Thương mại Xuất nhập khẩu Việt Nam
Year of first registration: 1992
Headquarters: đặt tại Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
Shares listed at:

Ho Chi Minh City Stock Exchange (HOSE)

Number of transaction points: 207
Number of employees: 5.852
Authorized capital: 12.355 tỷ đồng
Total assets:

136.802 tỷ đồng

(As of June 2017)


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