Announcement of Eximbank Truong Son's resumption of operations

From November 11, 2021, Vietnam Export-Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank (Eximbank) officially changed the completely new interface on the Mobile Banking online transaction platform and deployed the QR NAPAS feature. This is a major turning point in the overall digital transformation strategy being strongly implemented at Eximbank.

In order to optimize the features and improve the inadequacies that exist on the old platform, as well as the desire to bring customers an outstanding experience of the "Digital Banking" service. Eximbank has upgraded the Eximbank Mobile Banking application and officially introduced a new "luxurious" interface with many outstanding features.

Personalize according to user preferences

Priority in this interface change, Eximbank focuses on and optimizes customers' personal experience. Customers can change their avatar, and the background image interface automatically updates according to morning, afternoon, and evening time.

Completely new icon identifier

The icon identifies functions and features that have been completely changed on the Eximbank Mobile Banking application, making the application more lively and closer to customers.

Money transfer feature is simplified

When transferring money, customers only need to select the Beneficiary Bank logo instead of having to search for the name of the bank to transfer money to as before. At the same time, shorten and simplify the information fields on the successful money transfer transaction screen.

Manage money transfer contacts adjusted by memo name

Another notable new feature in the new interface, Eximbank Mobile Banking allows customers to add a reminder name, favorite name or self-named nickname. Thus, just by entering the name of the saved contacts, customers can quickly transfer money in "a few notes".

The feature group is streamlined and attractive

For customers to easily use and experience the service, the new Eximbank Mobile Banking interface has improved, divided and rearranged feature groups appropriately, attracting customers' attention to convenient features. available on the application.

In addition to the above outstanding changes, customers will also experience all financial utilities: 24/7 fast money transfer, online savings, payment of electricity - water - telecommunications - health - education bills - Insurance, automatic bill payment, phone top-up, VNPAY-QR payment, airline/train/bus/hotel booking, VnShop online shopping,...

Experience the new interface and get a chance to win gold and thousands of attractive prizes when registering to use Eximbank Mobile Banking.

In order to encourage and thank customers for using services on Eximbank Mobile Banking, Eximbank cooperates with VNPAY to launch the promotion program "Win Gold Instantly - Download Eximbank Mobile Banking Now" for all customers. Promotion period from September 27, 2021 - November 21, 2021 with Style prize of 01 tael of 9999 gold and countless other valuable great prizes. The program has a total value of more than 1 billion VND.


Download Eximbank Mobile Banking now and experience the new interface right on the App Store or CH Play.

See detailed information about program rules here or customers can contact Eximbank's hotline: 1800 1199 for the fastest support.