1 MINUTE ONLINE REGISTER TO GET AN EASY EXIMBANK MOBILE BANKING ACCOUNT To help simplify procedures and optimize customer experience, Eximbank has deployed the eKYC online identification method, supporting customers in registering to open accounts. Online only takes a few minutes without having to go to the transaction counter.

Open an account easily at home or anywhere

The "Online Identification - eKYC" solution can be said to be a breakthrough step, helping Eximbank accelerate the quality of 'Digital Banking' services and improve customer experience. WITH eKYC


Customers who register and open a new account only need to download the Eximbank Mobile Banking application, enter their phone number, take a photo of their identification documents and verify their face as required, and complete account opening.

The system will process information, automatically register for Eximbank Mobile Banking service and return confirmation documents via email to the customer.

Absolute information security and confidentiality

Integrating many modern technologies such as image data reading technology (OCR), facial recognition technology (FAC)... Eximbank will bring customers a complete, fast, safe and secure identification process. information security like never before.

100% free registration fee, super attractive utility ecosystem

Open an account quickly and also get completely "FREE" online registration fee. Customers will enjoy a 100% exemption policy for transfer fees within the same Eximbank system.

Open an account according to personal preferences: mobile phone number or date of birth

Customers can proactively choose an account number based on their own mobile phone number or date of birth, and it's completely free.


More specifically, Eximbank Mobile Banking - a digital banking application jointly developed by VNPAY and Eximbank, with a diverse utility ecosystem from basic financial transactions such as transfer, phone top-up, and payment. electricity and water bills... to advanced utilities such as booking airline tickets, hotel rooms, train tickets, car tickets, movie tickets, VnShop shopping,...


05 easy and quick steps to open an account:

-     Step 1: Open the application, select “New registration”

-     Step 2: Enter registration information and authentication code sent to registered phone number

-     Step 3: Execute and authenticate with identification documents

-     Step 4: Perform facial authentication

-     Step 5: Valid credentials and successful online account opening.

Download the Eximbank Mobile Banking application above  App Store or Google Play to open an online account and experience thousands of attractive benefits!

For more detailed information about the service, please see here!

24/7 customer support hotline: 1800 1199