To achieve big goals in the future, building a reserve is indispensable. However, many people have difficulty saving due to economic conditions and long-term spending habits. Therefore, Eximbank wants to share 8 effective ways to save money, helping you set short-term and long-term goals. Please refer to the suggestions below!

1. Set Effective Savings Goals

Money-saving beliefs and goals have an important impact on financial actions. You can set goals such as buying a house, saving for your children's education, or saving for old age. Determine a specific time for each goal and an implementation plan, for example, the goal of buying a house. Put your faith in your ability to be rich and stable in your assets, and be determined to persevere in changing your thinking about daily spending. Prioritize your goals over time to avoid overwhelm and maintain effective financial decisions.

Set savings goals, create motivation to accumulate

2. Plan your spending effectively

To save money effectively, understanding your spending compared to your monthly income is important. If you don't keep careful track of it, setting a savings goal will become difficult. Planning your spending clearly helps control your spending habits.

According to Eximbank's suggestion, recording expenses for 2-3 months or viewing bank account statements is the best way. This helps clearly identify the money spent on each item, so you have a detailed view of where money is "leaking". This way, you can identify and adjust unhealthy spending habits to optimize your savings plan.

Plan your spending reasonably and effectively

3. Find ways to increase your income

After setting goals and savings plans, increasing income becomes extremely important. This helps you reduce the time needed to save and prepare for unexpected income shortfalls in the future.

There are many ways to increase income, from asking for a salary increase based on your contribution, working overtime, tutoring, making money online to changing jobs with a more attractive salary. For people whose income does not have much difference between expenses and income, increasing income becomes important to have enough money to save. You can also diversify your income from many different sources or focus on one main source to have a larger amount of savings.

4. Control Spending

According to researchers and financial experts, the savings rate is increasing over time. Saving money becomes increasingly important for everyone, especially young people. The hardest step is getting started, so start controlling your spending small and often.

Most importantly, realize that time never comes back. Therefore, controlling spending and setting gradually smaller savings goals, consistent with personal financial capabilities, is the key to achieving your goals early and enjoying life.

Learn how to best manage your spending

Note that saving money doesn't necessarily mean restricting yourself to food, fashion, or extreme frugality. Depending on your current income level, saving to buy a house or car can be challenging in the short term. However, with perseverance and persistence, long-term success can still be achieved. Control your personal and family spending and commit to increasing your savings each year to achieve your goals.

5. Take advantage of incentives and hunt for sales

Today, the shopping market is increasingly rich with the presence of many sellers. Facing competitive pressure, sellers increasingly offer attractive incentives, good prices, and high promotions. In particular, e-commerce platforms often organize attractive discount and sale programs, which are a potential source of profit for everyone, especially women. Actively hunting for sales or buying discounted items helps you significantly reduce your monthly spending.

In addition, many electronic shopping and payment applications have discount policies when using bank cards, including Vietnam Prosperity Joint Stock Commercial Bank (Eximbank). Eximbank continuously provides many attractive incentives for cardholders and service users, including dining and entertainment vouchers, discount codes when booking airline tickets, and many other programs. Details of Eximbank's incentives can be found on the official website:

6. Online Payments and Cash Limitations

A simple but effective way to control your spending is to reduce the amount of cash you keep in your wallet. This feature is not 100% accurate, but it often helps you limit sudden cash purchases. Sometimes, when you want to buy a product and don't have enough money in your wallet, you may decide to postpone the purchase, and even forget your original intention. This helps you save money on unnecessary items.

Pay online and limit the use of cash

However, with the popularity of digital payments in the 4.0 technology era, using bank cards and electronic banking services has become a more effective choice, helping you manage your finances conveniently. and safe.

7. Safe Investment with Low Volatility Assets

Choosing to invest in less volatile assets such as real estate, gold and silver is a money-saving strategy trusted by many people. Real estate, although requiring a large initial investment, usually provides stable profits in the medium to long term. Gold, although it can be profitable in the medium or even short term, is also an attractive option.

However, for less volatile assets, it is necessary to understand the risks and potential. Before deciding to invest, thorough research is important to ensure the safety and performance of the investment.

8. Bank Savings: Safe and Flexible Investment

Banks are increasingly becoming an attractive destination for saving money with many attractive incentives. Forms of making savings books become easier, especially through the form of opening books/savings online. This brings convenience as you can check your deposit amount, interest, and book/savings maturity anywhere with just an internet connection.

Whether you use online or direct savings at the counter, this is a safe and stable form of investment, bringing good profitability.

The above ways to save money are all practical measures and can be easily applied to everyone's daily life. Get started today to build a stable and secure financial future.


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