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I, as a person authorized to look up information, have read and clearly understood the contents. I commit to comply with the above contents and accept all responsibilities arising from the use of searched information.


  • Eximbank's "Online guarantee certificate lookup" is a service for customers and their guarantee beneficiary partners to look up immediately after it is issued by Eximbank to compare and check the legality of the guarantees. Guarantee deed directly on Eximbank's website.
  • Customers need to enter the correct information: Guarantee Certificate Number and Serial Number displayed on the certificate (Note: enter all 7 serial numbers, add 0 if the serial number has 6 digits. For example: serial number on the deed is 123456, please enter 0123456) and the authentication code according to the image displayed on the screen to look up to authenticate the deed information.
  • The program only allows searching for Certificates of Guarantee issued in written form within the territory of Vietnam (ie not issued through Swift) ISSUED SINCE 2013.

Please read, understand and confirm the content below before proceeding to look up information.

  • The guarantee deeds whose information is displayed above are issued by Eximbank. The displayed content is only to verify that this Guarantee Deed has been recorded in Eximbank's system.
  • According to Eximbank's policy from time to time, Eximbank has the right (but has no obligation) to update the displayed information of the original guarantee deed and modifications (if any) at the time of search.
  • The contents of the searched information are only intended to authenticate information and do not replace the content of the Guarantee Certificate that Eximbank has issued. Persons authorized to look up Deed information shall not copy, forward, disclose or provide this information in any form to third parties.
  • In all cases, any information of the guarantee deeds displayed above is disclosed beyond Eximbank's wishes, and such disclosure causes damage to Eximbank including but not limited to damages. about finances, reputation, about being responsible to the competent authorities... Eximbank has the full right to request the person allowed to search to take responsibility and compensate for all damages with a corresponding financial amount.
  • In case the information displayed at the program is different from the content of the Guarantee Certificate you are holding or need to confirm the Guarantee Certificate in writing, please contact the Call Center at 1900 6655.