General offers


Preferential salary package

a. Implementation time: from January 1, 2023

b. Promotion content:

  • For businesses that pay salaries

+ Free salary and counting fees on Internet Banking

+ Free salary payment at the counter (first 3 years)

+ Free account management

+ Exempt/reduce fees for issuing beautiful account numbers

  • For Individuals receiving salary

+ Exempt/reduce fees for issuing beautiful account numbers

+ Free account management

+ Free to use Combo account package

+ Free use of Online Banking

+ Free transfer on Online Banking

+ Free ATM card issuance

+ Free ATM withdrawals within and outside Eximbank's network

+ Free debit/credit card issuance.

+ Free annual debit/credit card fee (first year)

  • Discounts when buying Generali insurance

+ Receive gifts immediately when participating in the insurance consulting program

+ Receive gifts immediately when purchasing an insurance contract. 

c. Conditions apply:

  • For corporate customers: customers organize new salary payments and use Eximbank's Internet Banking payment package.
  • For individual customers: use 1 of 3 Combo packages: Dynamic Combo, Stylish Combo, Payment account Combo.

d. Answering questions: If you have any questions, please contact Eximbank's Branches/Transaction Offices or the 24/7 Multi-Channel Service switchboard at 1900 6655.

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