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Import-export businesses enjoy 20 preferential fees at Eximbank

“Import-export businesses are exempted from nearly 20 types of fees at Eximbank such as service fees, fees related to mail, and international money transfers until December 31.

This is a promotion in the program "Comprehensive incentives for import-export businesses" implemented by Eximbank from now until the end of 2023. Specifically, import-export companies using international money transfer services at Eximbank are exempted. Reduce nearly 20 types of fees such as service fees via online channels (money transfer, tax payment, salary payment,...), fees related to letter of credit (L/C), L/C payment, collection and money transfer international.

In addition to service incentives, Eximbank also disbursed a 100 million USD package with loan interest rates reduced to 1.5% per year for import-export businesses.

In addition, the bank also has a special program for agricultural businesses to share the financial burden, helping businesses have the opportunity to boost production and business in the last months of the year.

According to the bank's representative, with customers as the focus, Eximbank continuously improves digital banking services for businesses with many utilities of Eximbank EBiz Mobile Banking application. Eximbank EBiz provides customers with services and utilities including: money transfer, securities deposit; QRcode money transfer, salary payment, batch money transfer; pay the bill; online deposits; submit budget,...

Customers can also perform all international payment transactions including money transfer, L/C issuance, foreign currency trading on online channels with fast processing speed, convenience, ensuring safety and security high.

Many experts assess that the domestic economy cannot grow at a breakthrough in the last months of the year, but the prospects for the third and fourth quarters will be better thanks to the growth of exports, consumption, and public investment. Therefore, Eximbank's incentives help import-export businesses save costs and optimize profits in the last months of the year.

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