Eximbank - Visa Business international credit card


  • Easy to pay and control the company’s expenses 
  • Contactless payment of small-value transactions at merchants accepting Visa payWave card
  • Payment for goods and services at merchants or on the Internet
  • Convenient, safe and enabled to control spending upon travelling abroad


  • Transactions are paid in different currencies which shall be repaid to Eximbank in VND
  • Funds are advanced by the Bank


  • Diamond, gold or silver corporate customers of Eximbank and other corporate customers who have good financial situation and meet the requirements set by Eximbank
  • Subject to the security value, Eximbank will provide respective limits to customers 


  For companies

 Application for corporate account opening at Eximbank (if the company has not maintained an account yet) 

 List of employees proposed for issuance of business credit cards 

 Documents confirming the asset security, including deposit slip, commitment of pledging savings book (card), certificate of gold deposit, orr dossiers of real estate mortgage, etc. (in case of having collaterals) 

 Other papers as the case may be: copy of the company’s legal profile, tax payment invoice, etc. (if any, according to Eximbank’s regulations applicable to corporate customers) 

 For companies’ members applying for issuance of Eximbank-Visa Business card: 

 Application for issuance and agreement on use of international cards (as per form of the Bank). 

 ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport, and family residence book (copy) 

 Other papers (if any, as may be required by Eximbank)

Fee schedule [Vietnamese | English]