Customer will have the right but no the obligation to buy or sell the amount of foreign currency at a predetermined exchange rate during negotiated term.
Manage cashflow and build budget effectively.
Flexible time based on negotiation between Eximbank and customer.
Minimum amount is 100,000 USD (One hundred thousand USD) per contract.
Transaction currencies are: USD, GBP, CHF, AUD, CAD, EUR.
Price is based on negotiation berween Eximbank and customer (the amount which customer must pay to Eximbank to have the right)


General Agreement and Option contract are signed between Eximbank and customer.
Economic entities, other organizations to buy foreign currencies from Eximbank have to present documents fully providing information on the purpose, quantity and type of payment and term of settlement in accordance with current F/X control regulations.
When in need of executing, please send "Option excerise request" to Eximbank.
For detailed information, please kindly contact Branches/Transaction Office