SMS Banking - Inquiry information

1. Introduction:

SMS Banking - Inquiry information is a mobile banking service enabling customers to manage their accounts by messages; make inquiry for interest rates, account balance, transaction history, currency or gold exchange rate, locations of banking units, ATM locations, etc. Services provided via SMS – Banking include:
  • Receiving automatic messages notifying balance changes :
    • The service is offered with an aim to help customers manage the movements of their current account balance. When relevant deposit/withdrawal transactions arise, Eximbank will send messages to customers for their information via the subscription number having been registered for service using.
    • According to Eximbank’s service charge notification from time to time.
  • Receiving messages of notice on: reminding debt; credit card balance; making deposit for the “Installment Savings” product in 3 days advance; new products and services of Eximbank.
  • Inquiries as per customer’s request, including:
    • Inquiries about Eximbank’s banking units.
    • Inquiry for ATM locations.
    • Inquiry for information, list of transactions, current account balance, credit card debit balance, deposit interest rates, currency or gold exchange rate.
Customers make inquiry and receive messages via the numbers 8149, 6089, 8199.
2. Register and use:
Registration: can be made online via Internet Banking or at Eximbank's banking units :
  • 2.1 Registration by SMS which is sent to the numbers 8149
    • Message syntax: EIB SMS [15 digits of account number]
    • In which:
      • Account number: includes 15 digits, which is current account number of customer
      • Telephone number for SMS: is mobile phone number of customer, which was registered at Eximbank when customer has opened account.
    • In case registration is successful, switchboard will send a SMS which informs customer:
      • Your account number is registered successfully for SMS Banking: Receive SMS when account balance changes. Please contact 18001199 for details.
    • After registering successfully, if customer conducts transaction over current accounts which has been registered, Eximbank will send a SMS to inform customer about account balance.
    • In case registration is not successful, switchboard will send SMS to guide customer. · Hướng dẫn đăng ký dịch vụ qua SMS gửi 8149.
      • Instruction on how to register services via SMS which is sent to 8149
    • 2.2 Registration of online service via Internet Banking
      • Customer logs in to Internet Banking website and registers service according to following instruction:
        • Application for use of Internet Banking Vietnamese | Anh ]
    • 2.3. Registration Eximbank’s banking units.
      • Customers are kindly requested to bring along ID cards upon registration service at Eximbank’s transaction counters.
        • After registering successfully, customer can inquire about services via Internet Banking.
        • For inquiry of general information (Exchange rates, interest rates, locations of banking units, ATM locations), no registration is required.

3. Syntax for inquiring SMS Banking service:
For customers having registered/ not having registered for
SMS Banking with Eximbank
Making inquiry for information relating to locations of banking units, ATM locations

EIB DGD/ATM [City/province code] [District code]

[City/Province Code], [District Code]: Please see the Appendix for details.
Support information:EIB DGD/ATM HELP
Making inquiry for gold and currency exchange rates.EIB TG TG [Branch Code] [Currency Code 1] [Currency Code 2] etc. Currency Code 2 is used when customers inquire information of 2 different currencies.
Making inquiry for interest rates

EIB LAISUAT [Currency Code] or

Inquiry for interest rates of Main Transaction Office/ Branches.

EIB LS [Branch Code] [Currency Code]

For customers having registered for SMS Banking with Eximbank
Making inquiry for account balanceEIB SDListing information of demand deposit account balance
Making inquiry for credit card debit balanceEIB MC [the last 6 characters of the card number] or
EIB VS [the last 6 characters of the card number]
Making inquiry for the latest 5 transactions EIB LK [account number]VS: Visa
In which:
  • EIB: The keyword of the service defined by Eximbank
  • Branch code: Subject to the appendix of branch codes
  • Currency Code: Subject to the appendix of currency codes
  • TG: Exchange rate
  • LS: Interest rate
  • SD: Balance
  • [City/Province Code], [District Code]: The corresponding name of the city/province, and district. (Please refer to the Appendix for further details).