Provide gold bar trading services to corporates (purposes in accordance with Vietnamese law).

    Eximbank has solid experience in gold trading, since 2003.

    Legal Provider -  Eximbank is licensed to do gold bar trading by State Bank of Vietnam.

    Nationwide operating network, with professional and well-trained staffs.

    Market insights and pricing continuously updated.



    Gold types

    Physical SJC gold bar 99.99 (1/10 tael, 1/5 tael, ½ tael, 1 tael), settled in VND.

    Trading method

    Simple, quick and convenient at any branches/transaction offices of Eximbank.

    Eligible customers

    Corporates have purposes in accordance with Vietnamese law.


    Within 2 business days.


    Pricing competitive and flexible.


    Please contact Eximbank’s branches/transaction offices for further information in procedures and executions.