Simplified procedures and quick issuance time.                                 

 Competitive fees.                                  

Ensured performance of the obligations agreed with partners, and execution of projects, works and contracts.

Highly reliable and acceptable. 

Advised to select appropriate guarantee methods.
Eximbank partners with more than 800 correspondent banks in 75 countries and territories, convenient for guarantee opening at Eximbank.



Foreign currencies.  

Guarantee period

Guarantee period: at companies' request and suitable to the documents incurring guarantee obligations.

Flexible security assets

Flexible security assets: real estate, machineries, equipment, vehicles, deposit balance, etc.

Eximbank undertakes

Eximbank undertakes to perform on behalf of customers the financial obligations committed with foreign partners.

Guidelines and procedures

  Form of the application for guarantee issuance.

  Please contact Eximbank banking units for detailed guidance.