a.    Duration: 01/02/2021 – 31/12/2021
                                    b.    Details:
                                    - For paying companies
                                    + For paying companies
                                    + Waiver of on-the-counter payroll fee for the first 3 years
                                    + Waiver of payroll and tallying fee on Internet Banking
                                    - For individuals receiving salary
                                    + No account management fee (a minimum balance of 50,000 VND is required)
                                    + Use of account combo for free of charge
                                    + Use of Online Banking for free of charge
                                    + No transfer and tallying fee on Online Banking
                                    + Issuance of ATM card for free of charge
                                    + ATM cash withdrawal within and out of Eximbank network for free of charge
                                    + Issuance of debit/credit cards for free of charge.
                                    + No annual fee for debit/credit cards for the 1st year
                                    - Special offers upon purchase of Generali insurance
                                    + Complimentary gifts for participation in programs of insurance consultation
                                    + Complimentary gifts for any purchase of insurance policy.
                                    c.    Applicable conditions:
                                    - For corporate customers: to use the payroll service for the first time for salary payment to at least 10 employees opening account and using the payment package on Internet Banking of Eximbank.
                                    - For individual customers: to use 1 of the 3 combos of Flexible combo, Cool combo, and Current account combo.
                                    d.    For response to inquiries: please kindly contact Eximbank branches/transaction offices or 24/7 Multi-channel Contact Center at 18001199.