Quick - Secured - Reliable - Accurate - Convenient
                                Eximbank has partnered with global banks and large and professional international remittance companies to best support overseas Vietnamese people in need of transferring money to their relatives in Vietnam.

                                Interests of both senders and receivers are assured
                                Abundant source of currencies for payout.
                                Diversified payment channels.
                                Payment to the entire country and transfer to all banks in Vietnam.
                                More features and benefits.


                                Send money

                                Senders may arrive at any transaction unit of banks or remittance companies abroad which are in partnership with Eximbank to send money to receivers in Vietnam or transfer funds via Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, or ATM, etc. subject to the transferring units' support.

                                Required information:

                                Provide the following information to senders: 
                                • Receive money by account:
                                  • Currency account: Name and currency account number of beneficiary at Eximbank
                                  • VND account: Name and VND account number of beneficiary at Eximbank, money transfer content (field 72): convert to VND automatically
                                • Receive money with identity card:
                                  Name, ID/ Citizen ID/ Passport No., issue date, issue place, address and phone number of beneficiary.
                                -  Beneficiary Bank:
                                      • Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint Stock Bank
                                      • Swift code: EBVIVNVX.

                                2. Money transfer through remittance companies in foreign countries partnering with Eximbank
                                -  Receipt at the counter: name, address and phone number of beneficiary.
                                - Receipt via account: name, account number of beneficiary, and name of beneficiary bank (ID/Citizen ID/Passport No., issue date and place if the account is not held with Eximbank).


                                Receive money

                                On 24/7 basis
                                Including Tet and holidays

                                By online payment method, money is directly transferred to beneficiary's account at Eximbank or all other banks in Vietnam in minutes.
                                Receivers do not need to carry out receiving process at banks, but they can withdraw money at any ATMs of the nearest.
                                24/7 operation, regardless of Tet or holidays.
                                The most premium and convenient service, only at Eximbank.


                                Instant receipt within 5 - 10 minutes
                                With more than 207 banking units of Eximbank in the country, receivers only need to take these 4 simple steps:
                                - Step 1: Arrive at the nearest banking unit of Eximbank.
                                - Step 2: Complete the Money Receipt form, and hand in their valid ID card/Citizen ID card/passport to the teller.
                                - Step 3: Check and sign the receipt.
                                - Step 4: Receive money and receipt.

                                Receive money out of business hours
                                Regardless of weekends or out-of-business hours, receivers can easily receive money at the sub-agents of Eximbank at their complete convenience and for free of charge.
                                The sub-agents of Eximbank are, with qualified facilities and professional staff, specialized in serving customers having limited time and unable to deal with the bank during business hours.