sms banking


SMS Banking is a banking service that allows customers to receive the latest information from the bank via a mobile phone message system, as follows:
  • Receiving automatic messages notifying balance changes: The service is offered with an aim to help customers manage the movements of their current account balance. (Applicable to deposit/withdrawal transactions from VND10,000 and above)
  • Receiving messages of notice on: reminding debt, credit card balance, new products and services of Eximbank.
  • Inquiries as per customer’s request, including: Inquiry for information, list of transactions, current account balance, credit card debit balance, deposit interest rates, currency or gold exchange rate, Eximbank’s banking units, ATM locations.

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2. Register SMS Banking service:3. Contact: Call Center 
18001199 (press No.3), from Monday to Friday (7h30 – 21h00) and Saturday (7h30 – 17h00).