Receive money at no cost.

Possibly receive in USD, JPY or VND.

Easy to communicate with consultants being Vietnamese.

Receive money either to account or in cash.
Receive money to account on 24/7 basis, including holidays and non-business days.


Receive cash:
Step 1: Arrive at the nearest banking unit of Eximbank.
Step 2: Complete the Money Receipt form, and hand in their valid ID card/Citizen ID card/passport to the teller.
Step 3: Check and sign the receipt.
Step 4: Receive money and receipt.

Receive through account:
Step 1: Provide senders with such information of name, account number of beneficiary, and name of beneficiary bank (ID/Citizen ID/passport number of beneficiary, issue date and place if the account is not held with Eximbank).
Step 2: Eximbank transfers money to beneficiary's account at sender's instruction.
Step 3: Beneficiary arrives at any banking unit of the bank where the account is opened, present their valid ID card/Citizen ID card/passport to the teller for money receipt or withdraw cash by card at any ATM of Eximbank or other banks.