Offer a full range of services supporting customers from the first preparation until arrival at foreign countries for studying abroad, including:
- Loans for overseas study purpose.
- Confirmation of financial capabilities.
- Issuance of international cards.
- Overseas outward transfer for proofs of financial capabilities, payment of tuition fees and living expenses.
- Sale of foreign currencies to pay overseas study expenses.
Simplified and flexible procedures.
Competitive pricing.
Fast, secured and accurate transaction.


Overseas outward transfer:
- Transfer order as per form of Eximbank
- Original ID card/Citizen ID card/Passport still in effect
- Documents evidencing the family relationship (in case relatives make the transfer)
- Documents supporting the overseas study purpose
- Receiver's information: name, account number, address, name and SWIFT code of receiving bank.

Confirmation of financial capabilities:
- Customers open account or savings book according to Eximbank's regulations
- Eximbank issues a confirmation of account balance or savings book in both Vietnamese and English.

Sale of foreing currencies:
- Same as the documents for overseas outward transfer
- In case of buying cash currencies, customers need providing their valid entrance visa (or visa exemption papers) and air ticket.