Kinds of accepted cards:

  • Cards branded Visa, MasterCard, JCB.                                                                         

  • All kinds of cards issued by Eximbank.

Eligible merchants:

The following entities such as:

  • Hotels, Rooms for rent, Restaurants, Bars;

  • Beauty salons, Dental clinic, Spa;

  • Hospitals, Schools, Bookstores;

  • Vehicles for rent, Air ticket booking offices and Travel agents;

  • Supermarkets, Department stores and shops: Handicrafts, fine arts, Fashion, Watches, Jewellery;

  • And others.

Should apply for Eximbank merchants for card payment of goods and services.


Merchant application:

  • Agreement in Card Payment;

  • A notarized copy of Business Registration Certificate;

  • A notarized copy of Tax code Registration Certificate;

  • A notarized copy of Identity card’s legal representative;

  • And other documents if required by Eximbank.

Settlement/Credit Currency:

All card transactions should be handled in VND or converted into VND. In case of converting into VND, the exchange rate is negotiated by the parties.

Favours for merchant:

  • Showing the high level of your business;

  • Increasing your sales target;

  • More effective and safer for your business activities due to minimize procedures of checking money daily;

  • Associating with Eximbank in order to advertise the trade brands;

  • Joining to the privilege programes offered by Eximbank;

  • Applying for Eximbank unsecured credit cards (branded Visa, MasterCard) offered for Merchants gaining high settlement volumes;

  • And other benefits.

Customer Service:

  • Installation equipment, bill

Eximbank shall supply the modernest devices and the sales receipts free of charge for card payment at Eximbank merchants’ outlets.

  • Acquisition bill

Eximbank can meet the requests of merchants relating to deliver/ collect the sales receipts

  • Payment time

Eximbank shall credit into the Merchant’s indicated account after receiving valid sales receipts (included the discount rate applied for the merchant).

  • Professional guidance

Eximbank shall organise the training course of card payment for Eximbank merchants to operate smoothly card payment at your outlets.

Guide Payment Card (download file).

  • Customer Service

24/7 Customer Service (18001199) is pleased to support you for card payment including weekends and holidays..