1. Introduction:
                                                                                  Lock/unlock of domestic cards by SMS Banking: a mobile banking service for holders of domestic cards, which enables customers to, via SMS message, lock or unlock the cards when in need without arriving at Eximbank’s banking units. 
                                                                                  --> In need of using this service overseas (or registering to use the service by a foreign subscription number), customers should contact the telecommunication service provider managing their mobile phone numbers to register for roaming service and pay respective service charge in accordance with the company’s regulations.
                                                                                  --> The message syntax and service charge set by Eximbank shall similarly apply to both domestic and foreign subscription numbers.
                                                                                  --> Only 01 card number/phone number is accepted (secondary card not allowed). Customers may use the same phone number for different card numbers.
                                                                                  2. Service charge:
                                                                                  (VAT included) 
                                                                                  Lock/unlock of domestic cards 
                                                                                  Notes: The fee schedule is subject to change depending on Eximbank’s regulations from time to time. Such other costs as roaming or message fee shall be paid as agreed by and between the telecommunication service provider and customers.

                                                                                  II. REGISTRATION FOR USE:

                                                                                  --> Customers make registration at the banking units within Eximbank’s network. 
                                                                                  --> Process:
                                                                                        +  Bring along ID card upon registration 
                                                                                        +  Complete and sign the Form of SMS Banking Registration/Amendment (for individual customers)

                                                                                  III. MESSAGE SYNTAX:

                                                                                  Customers send to and receive messages from 8149 (applicable fee of 1,000 VND/message) 

                                                                                  SERVICE  MESSAGE SYNTAX  NOTE
                                                                                  Card unlock EIB MOATM [8 last digits of the card]
                                                                                  Eg.: EIB MOATM 12345678
                                                                                  Card lock 
                                                                                  EIB KHOAATM [8 last digits of the card]
                                                                                  Eg.: EIB KHOAATM 12345678 
                                                                                  Notes: Once cards have been locked by SMS message:
                                                                                  + Disabled transactions: those made by cards:
                                                                                  --> Transactions at ATM or POS (except for inquiry of balance, account statement, and change of PIN);
                                                                                  --> Online payment;
                                                                                  --> Interbank transfer via Internet Banking;
                                                                                  + Enabled transactions: those made via account (payment or transfer via qua Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, and SMS Banking; cash withdrawal at the counter; credit to account; and collection of interest and fee from account).