Good investment

Flexible choice among 4 investment funds partnered with the unit.

Profit optimization by taking advantage of the strengths and experience of 2 fund management companies.

Flexible change of investment plans.
Growth of assets upon attractive benefits.

Immediate protection

Indemnification of 100% of the insured amount and account value in case of permanent injuries or death.
An additional 100% of the insured amount in case of death due to accident.

Full insurance coverage upon participating in complimentary products.


Eligible age:  30 days - 65 years old.
Policy term: up to 99 years old
Payment term: obligatory in the first 4 years of the policy and flexible from the 5th year onwards.
Payment plan: every 6 months or 1 year.
Insured amount: minimum 100 million and maximum amount subject to evaluation.
Minimum basic premium: 10million/year; 5 million/half-year; and 2,5 million/year.

Rules: The website only provides general information about the products. Insurance benefits and conditions are subject to the Terms and Conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please contact your consultant at Eximbank branches/transaction offices for thorough understanding of benefits and product characteristics.
This product is offered by Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LTD under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and distributed by Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (Eximbank).