Compehensive protection

      Multiple payments for 111 fatal diseases of up to 600% of the insured amount.

      Exemption of all insurance premium in case of fatal diseases.

      Regular financial support if acquiring cancer.

      Protection of up to 500% of the insured amount in case of death by accident.

      Effective investment

      Attractive interest rate without dependence on investment term.

      Return of 100% of the contractual account value upon policy termination.

      Bonus for every policy year equivalent to 10% of the interest amount accumulated in the adjacent 36 months prior to the review.

      Attractive interest rate without dependence on investment amount.

      Flexible planning

      Opportunity to engage in complimentary insurance products for more protection.

      Flexible payment based on demands and capabilities from the 5th policy year onwards after full payment of premium.

      Possibility of further investment for attractive interest rate.

       Flexible use of contractual account value for short-term spending needs.


      Độ tuổi tham gia:  30 ngày tuổi – 60 tuổi.
      Age at contract expiry: 99 years old.
      Payment term: same as policy term
      Payment frequency: every 6 months or 1 year.
      Obligatory payment term: the first 4 policy years.
      Policy term:20 years until (99 years old - the age upon participation).

      Rules: The website only provides general information about the products. Insurance benefits and conditions are subject to the Terms and Conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please contact your consultant at Eximbank branches/transaction offices for thorough understanding of benefits and product characteristics.
      This product is offered by Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LTD under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and distributed by Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (Eximbank).