Coverage of cancer from the very first stage.

                     Support of treatment cost up to 500 million.

                    Flexible choice of solutions
                       o Refund:
                          + One premium payment for 10 years of protection.
                          + 100% refund of the paid premium if not acquiring cancer.
                       o Premium protection:
                         + Protection in 5 years at the starting premium of 98,000 VND/year.
                         + Enhanced protection with additional benefits.

                      Simple procedures.


                    Refund option:
                    + Insured: the person buying the insurance or their child
                    + Age: 30 days to 60 years old
                    + Maximum coverage age: 70
                    + Insurance term: 5 years
                    + Payment term: 5 years
                    + Insured amount: 100, 200, 300, 400, or 500 million VND.

                    Premium protection option:
                    + Insured: the person buying the insurance
                    + Age: 18 to 60 years old
                    + Maxium coverage age: 70
                    + Insurance term: 10 years
                    + Payment term: one-time payment.

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                    This product is offered by Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LTD under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and distributed by Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (Eximbank).