Insurance benefits of up to 1.5 billion VND.

Direct billing service at associated establishments locally and overseas.

No healthcheck required before registration.

Meeting personal and group needs for insurance.

    Various options of medical clinics.

      Many special offers to customers.


      Vietnamese nationals and foreigners living and working in Vietnam at the age from 12 months to 65 years old.
      Children below 18 years old must buy insurance together with their parents or the parents have bought at least one type of health or medical insurance from MSIG which is still in effect.
      Children below 9 years old are entiled to 80/20 co-pay (insurer/insured).
      Maternity benefit is only applicable to women from 18 to 45 years old.

       Rules: The website only provides general information about the products. Insurance benefits and conditions are subject to the Terms and Conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please contact your consultant at Eximbank branches/transaction offices for thorough understanding of benefits and product characteristics.
      This product is offered by Generali Vietnam Life Insurance LTD under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and distributed by Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (Eximbank).