Diversified benefits and protection against all risks.

24/7 global support.
Satisfaction of visa application requirements.

Competitive premium.

Simple and quick procedures .


Vietnamese nationals and foreigners living and working in Vietnam at any age.

+ Insurance shall be bought prior to the trip  and become valid on the date of departing Vietnam to overseas. All changes in information must be informed to MSIG Vietnam before the effective date.
+ If the insured is 75 years or older at the time of injury or illness, MSIG Vietnam shall pay 50% of the insured amount as mentioned in the Insurance certificate.
+ Children below 12 years old should be accompanied by their parents or adults.
+ In case of making claims, customers shall notify the loss to MSIG Vietnam in no later than 30 days from the occurrence of the insurance event.

Rules: The website only provides general information about the products. Insurance benefits and conditions are subject to the Terms and Conditions approved by the Ministry of Finance. Please contact your consultant at Eximbank branches/transaction offices for thorough understanding of benefits and product characteristics.
This product is offered by MSIG Non-Life Insurance Vietnam under the approval of the Ministry of Finance and distributed by Vietnam Export Import Commercial Joint-Stock Bank (Eximbank).