Eximbank has partnered with Zhongguo Remittance – a leading money transfer company in Singapore.

With a view to enlarging the remittance market and facilitating customers in receiving money from their relatives abroad, Eximbank has partnered with Zhongguo Remittance in remittance payments.
As a top financial company in money transfer fields for more than 19 years, Zhoungguo Remittance is known as one of the most prestigious money transfer companies in Singapore.
With its 207 banking units all over the country, customers in Vietnam may quickly receive money from their relatives abroad in a safe manner and simple procedures without paying any extra charges. Besides, Eximbank also offers payment through customers’ accounts opened at Eximbank or other banks within a short period of time.
For more details and support, please kindly contact the nearest Eximbank’s banking unit nationwide or our Call Center at 18001199.