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Eximbank launches the "Companion" program

From December 5, 2023, Eximbank launches the "COMPANYMENT" program(*), accordingly, to accompany Eximbank's individual customers and corporate customers, Eximbank has launched many policies. Extensive incentives from account services, card services, deposits and loans.

Individuals and businesses eligible to participate in the program will enjoy preferential interest rates, transaction fees and many other incentives as follows:

  • For individual customers: Customers simultaneously participate in major products such as credit cards; Account combo; Nice number account/custom number with optional products such as Non-life insurance of affiliated companies and/or Generali Insurance - VITA Tomorrow's fulcrum, enjoy: Reduced loan interest rate up to 1% ; Transaction fee incentives; Preferential interest rates on savings deposits: Enjoy interest rates for VIP customers with higher deposit interest rates than regular customers; Special privilege to issue Visa Signature credit cards - Eximbank's most advanced card line for VIP/KNOT customers, with the highest cashback value on the market today (24 million VND/year).
  • For corporate customers: Customers participate in both of the following products: (i) Main products: Group 1: Corporate customers borrow capital under Eximbank's preferential programs, including: Deposit mortgage program; Program to encourage use of credit limits; New business customer competition program; Successful follow-up program/ Group 2: Corporate customers borrow capital according to Eximbank's announced interest rate schedule; And (ii) the complementary product Generali Insurance - VITA Fulcrum tomorrow, will enjoy existing incentives according to the program from time to time, and also receive additional loan interest rate reductions from 0.1% -0, 5 years.

(*) Details according to program conditions and announcements from time to time.

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